Is coming ROMASONNO conference organized for the fifth year from Olympia Congressi S.r.l.

will take place in Rome at Crowne Plaza Hotel from 23/05/2015 to 24/05/2015.

Osas and excessive daytime sleepiness: social health impact of the new European directive addressed to: surgeons Specialists in: Cardiology; endocrinology; geriatrics; metabolic diseases and diabetes; Respiratory diseases; internal medicine; nephrology; neurology; pediatrics; psychiatry; maxillofacial surgery; otolaryngology; anesthetics; forensics; occupational health and safety of the workplace; general practitioners (family doctors); food science and dietetics; psychotherapy; Nurses and physiotherapists.

Event were assigned No. 9 ECM credits.

(rif. N. 421-124238)

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